Montag, 18. April 2011

Who Is Frank?


It all goes over the money, especially in Art world so I took it as a main topic!

first visual that shows up in my mind, is this legendary scene segment.
‘Gone with the Wind’ 

"In Berlin, there are artists everywhereBecause it affords less money to live ones own creativity,  
Usually  am getting very skeptical when someone already in the first half of a sentence introtuces himself as an Artist"
Thanks to Jens Hauser for the inspiration.Jens Hauser is a Paris based art curator, writer, cultural journalist and video maker who’s work focuses on the interactions between art and technology, trans-genre and contextual aesthetics.Hauser has organized L’Art Biotech (2003), also is a director of creative radio pieces, sound environments and documentary films. In 1992 he was a founding collaborator of the European cultural television channel ARTE.

In this workshop I will ask participants to challenge and improvise own experiences or ideas to sentence from this scene segment.
That must have nothing to do with Clark Gable and Vivian Lee, 
this is about Philosophy behind expression "Frankly My Dear,i don't give a damn"

can also be End of the relationship where you simply say i don't give a damn Darling...

or even confession story, which you have always wanted to get out! (but have no right moment for it...until now!)

You are so perfect and I can't have you. It feels like you were created just to tempt me. The chemistry is so palpable. The energy created simply sitting next to you must be capable of creating explosions. If I were to harness it, I would understand why my body realized it loved you before my brain did. It's not just chemistry--it's full, unadulterated love. 

Subsequently I'll add video interviews and for the presentation will be built tower with 6 monitor.

Thanks to solaris organizers for this idea!
This page could help you also
"The next time you have an argument, write down what you and the other person said to each other"
Thanks to Ophélie for calling my attention to this page!

My enlightenment was: I want to be an artist but can't!!!
because Money Chairs Art and Art makes Money and I'm broke !!!
(but this is my very individual opinion)

For the beginning I simply typed Art and Money together and came on huge network source.


This has nothing to do With Projekt. It's Jast frankly document which is based on truth.

Today in Art world are three  Stereotypes:

1. those who make a difference,
2. those who watch the events and
3. those who wonder what

 am assigned to those case, who wonder how all that works!

I wanted to wrap and replace this points in interviews, Routine of financial difficulties.

(wich about is presented in projekt “Travel(s) in Utopia from Jean-Luc Godard and it was great inspiration for me.)

My Honest Confession!!!

Cooperation with Vera Hofmann and Jan Wisese
Documentary about someone called Frank "Memories about Frank"
audience thinks that Frank is a person but realizes during the video that we talk about „honesty“ or „frankness“, personified in „Frank“)
                                                  Where was frank at the time?!

To find Frank, is my mission!

n 1950 was the year a lot of movement in communist Georgia. With packed trains or with family horsecarriage's, with chickens and goats.
from a state
to the small town or reversed... look for better job opportunities.

government has also taken care homes
for new settlements. My grandmother and "Frank"together with children were let in the furnished apartment...but this was more a local  "House of Culture" with piano and Library inside.
Big old Piano and small Stage has taken all the space in appartmant and therefore it was carried out in the rain...later chickens lived in this piano and it was destroyed. Library was used in the toilet!!!
youngest child was my father, He was born 2 years later ​​after this photo was made. He has not managed to read these books.

Original image with our piano does not exist
If I could reproduce that, I would have sold it as Art :)



Dienstag, 8. März 2011

Voice over says that, I do not belong to this Stereotype!

Is that all about East Stereotype?

                         No proper social Status:(

                  No proper job! but always on good mood!

Why is that so?

Like Cinderella,or Pinocchio wir are still waiting for some external event which changed our lives completely...

 back to the year of 1994. This was the year when Moscow hosted the fashion event which was justly considered as unique for Russia at that time, i.e. — High Fashion Week involving
A-list fashion stars. The date of this magnificent event organized by the Haute Couture and Prêt-à-porter Association that was founded for the purpose of promotion and development of national fashion, can be considered the birth date of Russian fashion industry. 
For 10 years haute couture collections by Russian designers and world leading fashion houses have been shown at the High Fashion Week held in the State Concert Hall «Russia». Since 2003 the format of the Week has been changed so that the event is now carried out twice a year, in late March and late October, representing prêt-à-porter class collections. The key element of the new format is ready-made prêt-à-porter and prêt-à-porter de luxe class clothing. The Week is mainly aimed at fostering the development of fashion industry in Russia, promoting Russian designers and showing the prime world fashion models on the runway.